Macau has established itself as one of the most resilient and booming economies in the world, and the continued investment in real estate, gaming and trade requires access to substantial and increasingly complex financings with local and foreign banking institutions. In addition to this reality, Macau consumers are becoming increasingly more discerning in their demand for more sophisticated financial products and services that require monitoring for their compliance with the extensive and stringent local banking regulations. Our Banking team assists local banking institutions on a continued basis with the full range of their banking law issues, namely:

  • Assistance in real estate and trade financings, with review of finance and security documents for compliance with Macau law;
  • Review of terms and conditions for a wide variety of banking services and products;
  • Assistance with authorization of new financial products with the local regulator;
  • Advice regarding the full spectrum of regulated banking activities;
  • General regulatory compliance.

Our dedicated Banking practice continues to earn our clients trust by providing highly responsive, business oriented advice, with an industry-specific know-how and approach that ensures our clients provide fully compliant banking services and products.