Environment is an increasingly relevant sector in Macau, with several plants, equipments and services being substantially improved and redeveloped. The Macau Government has set up a specific regulatory authority – the Environment Protection Bureau (DSPA) – which, among a number of competences, actively supervises the activities of service providers and concessionaires and is in charge of launching tenders for the whole of the Environment Sector.

With the growing concerns in Macau regarding quality of air, water and waste treatment, compliance with existing and prospective legal and regulatory provisions is poised to become a key issue for companies operating in this field, which promises to gain a significant relevance in all areas of industrial activity in Macau, whereas environmental concerns extend to noise, emissions, dusts, fuel requirements and other aspects which have an impact in a wide array of activities.

We have sector-specific knowledge and extensive experience in assisting clients in tenders, operation and refurbishment of incineration, waste managements, water treatment and other environmental equipments, as well as in day to day compliance with existing regulatory and contractual requirements related to environmental obligations.