The Macau market, due to its high demographic density, strong purchase power of its residents and relatively unexplored market, is becoming more and more attractive to pharmaceutical and healthcare providers wishing to enter the territory to offer their goods and services in a field which is heavily regulated and where inception, operation and investment requires substantial legal and regulatory compliance. Our team of professionals has substantial experience in assisting clients in structuring transactions for acquisition of capital in locally regulated entities, while ensuring maintenance of all applicable licenses with the local regulators. Our expertise includes:

  • Assistance in purchase and sale of shares in regulated pharmaceutical companies;
  • Advice on regulatory issues such transition of licenses, appointment of license holders and record keepers with the Macau regulator and preparation of all necessary documentation;

Our pharmaceutical & healthcare practice has successfully assisted several clients in cross border acquisitions of local regulated pharmaceutical suppliers in all aspects of the relevant transactions, from structuring, negotiation, perfection and registration of the transfers to pre and post transaction regulatory compliance issues.